About Terrie D

Portrait of Terrie D I have always loved creating art and until now, I only shared my artwork with family and friends. Creating art using colored pencils has been my quiet time away from raising a family and having a varied career as a Paralegal, Title Officer and Realtor.

God has blessed me with a full life and now that I am retired and with a grown family my focus is to continue to be productive using my gift to draw. My husband, in sensing this desire, has encouraged me to share my art through the creation of coloring books.

My first coloring book, Wild Things of the World, was self-published in June of 2021. My second coloring book, Wild Things of the Oceans, Lakes and Streams, was published a year later in June of 2022. My third coloring book, Wild Things for Kids, was published six months later. My fourth book, Mild Things of the World, was published February 6, 2024. My goal for 2024 is to publish a hard cover, tabletop book with a compilation of my artwork from my coloring books, in addition to individual drawings, with progressive samples and illustrations of how I compose and draw my images. Later this year or into next year I want to create a coloring book of Christmas around the world and another coloring book of wildflowers of the world.

Having received such a huge response with my coloring books encouraged me to offer all of my artwork in this website.

Please browse through the website where you can order individual prints of my artwork on canvas or from a selection of wall hanging mediums matted and/or framed.

You will also find my images on my storefront on Redbubble for a wide selection of home décor items such as pillows, on different clothing, scarfs, aprons, hats, and on mugs, journals, puzzles and other items you can choose from.

It is so exciting! I hope you will continue visiting this website, checking out my blogs and allowing me to share my world of art with you. Blessings!