Moving Forward with “Mild Things of the World”, Book #4


Camels Drawing ProgressWeather has been very chilly and we have used up a lot of firewood this winter. Love the fireplace! Keeps us very cozy and warm as we continue creating coloring book #4, Mild Things of the World.  I just completed drawing my first image, Mama and Baby Camel. It should be a lot of fun for you to color with so many designs in the camel’s blanket. It was a bit of a challenge, but so fun to complete. I know you will enjoy this one.

Now, on to image number two, Four Cows.  I have chosen the Hereford (Brown and white), the Angus (all dark), the Charolais (light), and the Holstein (dairy cow-black and white) to show the different colors of cow breeds from different countries. You can color these guys any color you want. Just have fun! I even thought of coloring a purple cow!

I am showing my progress with the camels drawing to help you get an idea of how I work. It takes multiple layers of blending colored pencils to reach a certain “look” that I want in each drawing. But, coloring should be fun for everyone. Using one or more layers of crayons or colored pencils to get the look you want with each image is up to you.  This is your own perfect expression of your artwork. Enjoy!


Terrie D

Coloring Book No. 4

Hello Friends,
Draft artwork for 4th coloring book.
Here we are almost through the holidays and into a new year. Wow, what crazy times we are in!! We slid through Thanksgiving and on into Christmas wondering where the time went. I was able to enjoy these holiday times with my various family members and feel greatly blessed. I am hoping that you were able to share time with your loved ones, as well.

This new 2023 year is going to be a busy one for me. I am currently working on coloring book number 4. Here are two of my first drawings for the book. It started out with 20 images and descriptions, but could actually evolve into more drawings as my research continues.

This coloring book is about “un-wild” or tamed and domesticated animals. Farm animals, working animals, pets and other animals we share our lives with.  As I do more research it appears that tamed and domesticated animals are not the same.  Domesticated animals are bred to enhance or improve their better traits and they become socially involved in our lives in an unthreatening way. Farm animals and pets fall into this category. Tamed animals can be trained to interact with us on some level, but they can return to the wild.  Elephants and gorillas fall into this category.  A wild animal cannot escape its wild instincts, though some can be trained.  But, it’s good to remember that they are always unpredictable and always a wild animal. This would include hippopotamus moose and zebras.

So, there you have it. My goal is to publish this new coloring book sometime in the middle or latter part of 2023 on Amazon.  I will keep you posted on my progress.

Terrie D