Summer Is Here!

Hello All,
Goat Drawing Progress

Well, summer is here . . . 89 degrees today!! That is hot in the Pacific Northwest. I love between 70 and 75 degrees, refreshingly cool but with a hint of warm.  So, I have about 60 days to complete my fourth coloring book to get it published in September. Whew! I could use a tall cold glass of iced tea!

Here is my “Rosy the Goat” image in progress to give you an idea how I work with my drawings. Rosy’s line image will be in my new coloring book for you to create your own coloring. There will also be several different activities including mazes, word searches and other fun stuff. This fourth book runs along my theme of “Wild Things”, only I’m coming at it from a different angle and calling it Mild Things of the World. There will be bunnies, kittens, goats, horses, dogs, sheep . . . . well, you get the picture!

I hope you have exciting plans for this summer. To add to the fun you could take along one, or all three of my coloring books with you and enjoy family time together! Stay cool.


Terrie D

Three Little Kittens

3 Kittens Drawing
Chickens drawing progress animated

Good Morning!

Here is one of my newest images for my fourth coloring book, Mild Things of the World. These three kittens are having a fun time romping around and playing today. They would love for you to join them.

I am now working on my “Five Chickens-“OK, What happened here?!” image to be added to Mild Things of the World.  It is not completed yet, but it gives you an idea as to how I work.  I think you are going to enjoy coloring these mild animals and seeing their many mischievous pranks and fun times.

I have found that my stress level has gone down considerably since working on these new images  and know your’s will too. Give yourself a break from this chaotic world and curl up with a cup of tea (or coffee, or …?)  and enjoy some real relaxing quiet time coloring.

Terrie D

Eugene, Oregon’s Barnes & Noble has my coloring books on their shelves!

Hi Everyone!

Barnes & Noble author event
Barnes & Noble author event

WOW! My three coloring books are now available in Eugene, Oregon’s Barnes & Noble Bookstore. On April 22, 2023, we held our first Author’s Event and met with and shared my coloring books and our story with so many wonderful people. Several children had fun coloring in one of my coloring books while their family roamed the store. We had so much fun! I am excited to connect with other Barnes & Noble Bookstores in Oregon and add my coloring books to their shelves. Here are some photos of my Author’s Event.

You can order my coloring books at Barnes & Noble Bookstore by title, Wild Things of the World, Wild Things of the Ocean, Lakes and Streams, and Wild Things for Kids, or search by my name, Terrie D. Weller.

Check out the new page being added to our website with images that will be included in my fourth coloring book, Mild Things of the World.  I am looking forward to adding this coloring book to the Barnes & Noble Bookstore sometime later this year.

Thank you all for your amazing support. Have fun coloring!!

Many Blessings,
Terrie D

Barnes & Noble author event
Barnes & Noble author event
Barnes & Noble author event


Donkey Drawing ProgressWow! We are almost through winter and entering springtime. With all of the rain and snow we have had it will feel wonderful seeing the sunshine again. I took my little eleven-year old Shih Tzu doggie-dog for a walk yesterday down a path we haven’t used throughout winter. What a lovely walk, meeting all the other doggie owners walking the path and seeing the beautiful flowers budding and ready to burst out into the world. What a great inspiration to bring lots of color into my drawings.

Here is donkey surrounded by a wreath of daisy’s and ready for fun! You can see how I progress in drawing this little charmer. He is one of seven images I have created for coloring book number four. My goal is to draw 30 images to complete the book by the end of this summer. It sounds a bit aggressive, but I think It will be a great challenge creating many drawings for hours of fun coloring.

I hope everyone can get outdoors and enjoy earth’s bounty and beauty this spring and summer. I am looking forward to sharing my creativity with you so you can enjoy a time to relax and un-stress while enjoying the sunshine.


Terrie D

Moving Forward with “Mild Things of the World”, Book #4


Camels Drawing ProgressWeather has been very chilly and we have used up a lot of firewood this winter. Love the fireplace! Keeps us very cozy and warm as we continue creating coloring book #4, Mild Things of the World.  I just completed drawing my first image, Mama and Baby Camel. It should be a lot of fun for you to color with so many designs in the camel’s blanket. It was a bit of a challenge, but so fun to complete. I know you will enjoy this one.

Now, on to image number two, Four Cows.  I have chosen the Hereford (Brown and white), the Angus (all dark), the Charolais (light), and the Holstein (dairy cow-black and white) to show the different colors of cow breeds from different countries. You can color these guys any color you want. Just have fun! I even thought of coloring a purple cow!

I am showing my progress with the camels drawing to help you get an idea of how I work. It takes multiple layers of blending colored pencils to reach a certain “look” that I want in each drawing. But, coloring should be fun for everyone. Using one or more layers of crayons or colored pencils to get the look you want with each image is up to you.  This is your own perfect expression of your artwork. Enjoy!


Terrie D

Coloring Book No. 4

Hello Friends,
Draft artwork for 4th coloring book.
Here we are almost through the holidays and into a new year. Wow, what crazy times we are in!! We slid through Thanksgiving and on into Christmas wondering where the time went. I was able to enjoy these holiday times with my various family members and feel greatly blessed. I am hoping that you were able to share time with your loved ones, as well.

This new 2023 year is going to be a busy one for me. I am currently working on coloring book number 4. Here are two of my first drawings for the book. It started out with 20 images and descriptions, but could actually evolve into more drawings as my research continues.

This coloring book is about “un-wild” or tamed and domesticated animals. Farm animals, working animals, pets and other animals we share our lives with.  As I do more research it appears that tamed and domesticated animals are not the same.  Domesticated animals are bred to enhance or improve their better traits and they become socially involved in our lives in an unthreatening way. Farm animals and pets fall into this category. Tamed animals can be trained to interact with us on some level, but they can return to the wild.  Elephants and gorillas fall into this category.  A wild animal cannot escape its wild instincts, though some can be trained.  But, it’s good to remember that they are always unpredictable and always a wild animal. This would include hippopotamus moose and zebras.

So, there you have it. My goal is to publish this new coloring book sometime in the middle or latter part of 2023 on Amazon.  I will keep you posted on my progress.

Terrie D

Bobcat Drawing

Hi Everyone!
Bengal Tiger animation
Here we are entering the holidays already! It doesn’t seem possible how quickly this year has gone by. We have been so busy with our coloring books, visiting family and friends, raking leaves and keeping our fireplace going with the cold weather.

Well, I have finished the last big cat of my large cat drawings, seven total, plus the tiger on the cover of my first coloring book, Wild Things of the World. I am working towards creating a coffee table book that will be a collection of a lot of my colored pencil drawings over the years. It will also have some progressing samples of drawings to give you an idea of some of my techniques for drawing that may be useful to other artists. Here is the drawing of a bobcat in progression.

I am putting these large cat drawings on my Redbubble merchandise where you can enjoy them on clothing, home decor, framing and matting and other items.  Just click on the Merchandise bubble on our website homepage to reach my storefront.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season this year and a blessed year in 2023.

Stay Warm!

Terrie D

Children’s Coloring and Activity Book: “Wild Things for Kids”

Good Morning,

Sample pages from kids bookMy third coloring book, a children’s coloring and activities book, Wild Things for Kids, was published on June 8th this summer. We have had a tremendous response. We are excited to share with those from ages 8 to 100 years (and anyone else!) who wants to curl up for hours of fun. If you have our first two books, Wild Things of the World and Wild Things of the Ocean, Lakes and Streams you can color along with your children (and/or other adults) and enjoy the fun together. Wild Things for Kids is also an educational tool, as well, by using the activities and animal descriptions as a learning experience for your children.

My husband and business partner, Mark, actually colored all of the final drawings shown on the cover and on the back. He spent hours coloring each image and actually said he lost all sense of time when engaged in them. It is a great way to un-stress in our busy world.

Check it out!

Terrie D

Bengal Tiger Drawing

Hello, Hello, Hello . . .

Bengal Tiger animationI just submitted my Wild Things for Kids, a coloring and activity book for kids from ages 8 to 100, for publication this evening. There are 120 pages full of coloring and activities. It is in for review and should be up on Amazon within the next 72 hours!  I am so excited and hope you will check it out.

I have started on number three “Big Cat” drawing and am showing you my progress over the past several weeks. It is a little different in perspective as he is not staring at you! This Bengal Tiger is really starting to come to life and I think will be a great addition to the other drawings.

Fall is coming up next week. It has been a hot summer and I am looking forward to the cooler weather. More time for drawing!


Terrie D

Final Jaguar Drawing and Hawaii Trip

Hello All!

Jaguar final imageHere is the final Jaguar drawing. He was a real challenge but I kept working on him even when I thought I was done at one point. One of the skill improvements in drawing is pushing yourself past your comfort zone and then realizing how much better your drawing can actually turn out.

I am still working with our publisher on my children’s coloring and activity book. Since it is 120 pages (!!) big, about double my other two coloring books, it is taking a little more time to finalize everything before publication. Looking at a couple of weeks before going public.

My husband and business partner, Mark, and I just spent 10 days in Kona, Hawaii. It was our first time visiting Hawaii. We stayed with a couple who are High School friends who moved there three years ago. What a stunning Island! They took us all over the island and I took lots of pictures adding them to my resources for future drawings. Going in August was facing 85 degrees heat and 85+ humidity. I do love the Pacific Northwest’s weather!!  Aloha.

Terrie D