Three Little Kittens

3 Kittens Drawing
Chickens drawing progress animated

Good Morning!

Here is one of my newest images for my fourth coloring book, Mild Things of the World. These three kittens are having a fun time romping around and playing today. They would love for you to join them.

I am now working on my “Five Chickens-“OK, What happened here?!” image to be added to Mild Things of the World.  It is not completed yet, but it gives you an idea as to how I work.  I think you are going to enjoy coloring these mild animals and seeing their many mischievous pranks and fun times.

I have found that my stress level has gone down considerably since working on these new images  and know your’s will too. Give yourself a break from this chaotic world and curl up with a cup of tea (or coffee, or …?)  and enjoy some real relaxing quiet time coloring.

Terrie D