New Children’s Coloring Book

Word Puzzle sample with new book
I’m listening to Art Pepper, one of my favorite jazz artists, playing “Walkin” (Alternate Take 2) and trying to keep cool in the heat. Ahh… Blue Mitchell just came on playing “Park Avenue Petite” (Take 1). Getting in the mood to finalize publication of my most recent coloring book, Wild Things for Kids before moving on to a new book.

Here is a sample of one of my activities for the Wild Things for Kids coloring book. It is a “Find the Word” puzzle with words and images from my two earlier coloring books. I am excited to be adding 15 fun activities to this book.

We visited my 97 year old mother in Central Oregon this past weekend. She actually started coloring the elephant mama and baby picture in Wild Things of the World!! We had a great time together with my brother and sister and their spouses. Family is so important and a great inspiration for creating these wonderful ways to share time together. “Take Five” and share some special time with your family away from this crazy world of ours.


Terrie D.