Summer Is Here!

Hello All,
Goat Drawing Progress

Well, summer is here . . . 89 degrees today!! That is hot in the Pacific Northwest. I love between 70 and 75 degrees, refreshingly cool but with a hint of warm.  So, I have about 60 days to complete my fourth coloring book to get it published in September. Whew! I could use a tall cold glass of iced tea!

Here is my “Rosy the Goat” image in progress to give you an idea how I work with my drawings. Rosy’s line image will be in my new coloring book for you to create your own coloring. There will also be several different activities including mazes, word searches and other fun stuff. This fourth book runs along my theme of “Wild Things”, only I’m coming at it from a different angle and calling it Mild Things of the World. There will be bunnies, kittens, goats, horses, dogs, sheep . . . . well, you get the picture!

I hope you have exciting plans for this summer. To add to the fun you could take along one, or all three of my coloring books with you and enjoy family time together! Stay cool.


Terrie D


Donkey Drawing ProgressWow! We are almost through winter and entering springtime. With all of the rain and snow we have had it will feel wonderful seeing the sunshine again. I took my little eleven-year old Shih Tzu doggie-dog for a walk yesterday down a path we haven’t used throughout winter. What a lovely walk, meeting all the other doggie owners walking the path and seeing the beautiful flowers budding and ready to burst out into the world. What a great inspiration to bring lots of color into my drawings.

Here is donkey surrounded by a wreath of daisy’s and ready for fun! You can see how I progress in drawing this little charmer. He is one of seven images I have created for coloring book number four. My goal is to draw 30 images to complete the book by the end of this summer. It sounds a bit aggressive, but I think It will be a great challenge creating many drawings for hours of fun coloring.

I hope everyone can get outdoors and enjoy earth’s bounty and beauty this spring and summer. I am looking forward to sharing my creativity with you so you can enjoy a time to relax and un-stress while enjoying the sunshine.


Terrie D

Fishing in Summer

Boy in a Bottle FishingHere we are in the heat of summer! 90 degrees and above is way hot for me. My perfect temperature for summer is 75 degrees with a slight breeze. With no air conditioning we are using all of our fans to keep cool. But, this isn’t stopping me from working diligently on my new (third) coloring book titled Wild Things for Kids.

My second coloring book, Wild Things of the Oceans, Lakes and Streams, was published on Amazon on June 8th, almost exactly one year after my first coloring book, Wild Things of the World.

My Wild Things for Kids coloring book will be twice as big as the first two books and I am adding several activities including Crossword Puzzles, Mazes, Dot-to-Dot and Word Find, for a very fun coloring book for children from ages 6 years to 12 years, although anyone can have fun with this book! I hope to publish it on Amazon in early fall.

I relax and un-stress from the heat while having fun working on and coloring in my favorite coloring books. I hope you do too!

Have fun fishing!

Terrie D.